Social Justice Collaborative, Inc. is a new organization serving youth and adults in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.


To create student and community leaders with the knowledge and skills to become change agents by actively engaging in their communities through social justice education.


Critical Thinking                     Community                            Activism

The vision of Social Justice Collaborative, Inc. is to develop and mobilize leaders with awareness of community, critical thinking and activism skills.

Through involvement in SJC programs, students and community leaders will…

approach community development with a critical lens, be able to synthesize multiple perspectives, and self-reflect to develop critical consciousness.

create empowering, meaningful relationships among their peers and community.

become proactive leaders in their communities and understand the social structures that impact them.

collectively work towards social justice by building alliances across differences.

Value Statement:
We value community building through a social justice curriculum of anti-oppression work and alliance building. Our programs encourage a deconstruction of structural and internalized oppression to look beyond differences and move towards a change of consciousness. We strive to engage in constant conversation among our staff, board, volunteers, and participants to move towards community, personal growth, leadership, and activism. We believe youth are essential in this process. We are allies in helping them find their voices as leaders now, and in the future. We value and respect each person’s unique individuality and the perspective it brings to this work; and encourage the positive, collective process of building alliances across differences.


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